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The Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County (ECPAC) is made up of over 45 Adams County organizations and family partners building a system of early childhood education, health, mental health and family support so every child is ready for school and can read well by 3rd grade.  ECPAC exists because no single agency alone can ensure that young children’s learning is supported in the community and in the home so every child is ready to succeed in school and life.

Many of Adams County’s young children are at risk for challenges in school and life

  • Half of children live in poverty – our $24,000 per person yearly income is 25% below Colorado’s average
  • One-fourth of our adults do not have a high school diploma
  • We have high birthrates among single women and teens
  • More than 15% of our children do not have health insurance

Adams County’s young children will be valued, healthy and thriving when

  • All young children are in a high quality early learning environments
  • Supportive and nurturing teachers/caregivers work with children and families
  • Families have the community and parenting help they need to support their children’s learning
  • Early learning, parenting, mental health and health professionals meet the needs of children and families

ECPAC creates an early childhood system to overcome risk factors through collective impact

  • Building and supporting partnerships of all groups working with young children and families
  • Sharing goals, data and accountability for preparing children for school readiness and success
  • Funding and investing in early childhood education, health, mental health and family support programs and professionals
  • Changing policy to elevate support for young children and families
  • Building public support for and engagement in the early childhood system