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Great Professional Resources to help support New and Expecting Families:

Pregnancy-Related/Postpartum Depression/Anxiety:

  • Brochures related to Pregnancy-Related/Postpartum Depression (PRD): English; Spanish
  • Brochures for people in women’s lives who support them during PRD: English; Spanish
  • For more information on screening for PRD or introducing a referral, reference the HealthTeamWorks “Pregnancy-Related Depressive Symptoms Guidance”
  • Also available is the HealthTeamWorks Patient Resource a tool for discussing lifestyle during and after pregnancy and the importance of self-care: English; Spanish

Resources for Pregnant and Postpartum Women or Families:


The Maternal Mental Health Action Team is working to Increase the number of women, identified with pregnancy related depression symptoms, following through with an evaluation and engage in identified services

Action Team

Area of Focus/GOAL

Milestone to achieve

Maternal Mental Health Action Team
  1. Implement cross-sector use of consistent public awareness messaging among community providers and organizations
  2. Strengthen local referral networks for providers to address Maternal/Caregiver Mental Health
  3. Promote a high quality comprehensive continuum of Services and Supports provided to new and expecting caregivers
Children are born healthy and into well-prepared families


Prevent or mitigate the impact of toxic stress