ECPAC understands that parenting is difficult and every parent needs information and support to best promote their child’s development and readiness for school.  All ECPAC Action Team and efforts are dedicated to ensuring that families have access to available, high quality and culturally responsive information and support.

  • Home Visitation Programs – ECPAC works to increase awareness of the 6 programs available to families of young children
  • Early Literacy Classes – ECPAC supports the provision of early literacy parenting classes by training facilitators in best practices and support funding to offer classes throughout the community
  • Social-Emotional Development Classes – ECPAC supports the provision of parenting classes to promote social-emotional development
  • Parent education materials: ECPAC partners have developed a variety of materials to help provide parents and families with critical information to promote their child’s development:

To help families easily find information on what resources and opportunities are available, ECPAC has a family website.  You can find out more about the efforts noted above here: or

All efforts supported by ECPAC are offered in English  and Spanish.  We recognize additional language needs exist in our community and through the Equity Action Team, partners are using data to inform efforts to improve access and availability.   The Equity Action Team is working to:

  • Identify and address barriers that exist to families and young children in accessing these opportunities and other needed services and supports – including the social determinants of health
  • Develop strategies to support partners to increase access to families who are experiencing disparities
  • Stay informed of and align with local, state, and national efforts to improve equity – taking action as needed

Additional Resources

Hunger Free Hotline at (855) 855-4626

Center for Career and Community Enrichment

Strengthening Families:

Family Engagement and Education Best Practices

Other resources for military families: