Strategic Plan: ECPAC 2015-20 Strategic plan.Final.Revised 3.30.17

Strategic Action Teams and Initiatives: ECPAC Action Teams 2016 Goals.summarized

Annual Reports:

Our goals are to:

Goal 1: Enhance system capacity: ECPAC is able to facilitate the Adams County early childhood system to be efficient, effective and elegant so that service providers are connected to one another and families’ needs are met. (systems)


1A: Increase/maintain ECPAC’s internal capacity to expand and enhance systems-building within the community.

1B: Increase advoacy efforts to build community investment in early childhood efforts.

1C: Strengthen connections between agencies to promote care coordination and support during transitions.

Goal 2: Increase quality of services and supports: Expand and enhance Adams County’s ability to provide high-quality early childhood and family services and supports with dedicated focus on best serving at-risk children ages birth to eight. (workforce)


2A: Increase the quality of the local early care and education (ECE) system, with special focus on affordability and accessibility of high-quality ECE for at-risk children.

2B: Increase quality of comprehensive, cross-domain early childhood services that lead to positive outcomes for young children and families.

2C: Improve the flow of information to, and supportive resources for, friends, family and neighbor caregivers of young children.

Goal 3: Increase access to affordable services and supports: Early childhood families have access to available community services and supports that effectively meet their needs and engages them to promote their child(ren’s) healthy growth, development, and readiness for school, with dedicated focus on children and families experiencing disparities.


3A: Increase availability of affordable community-based services and formal and informal parent/family engagment, education and support opportunities (affordable)

3B: Increase access to community-based services and supports for young children and families. (access)


Values that guide our Partnership:

  • Accountable for access and quality: Agencies will hold each other accountable for the accessibility, quality of services and use of funding;
  • Adaptable and flexible: The system has an ongoing and dynamic process of adapting to changing community needs; continuous quality improvement;
  • Assessment of practice and outcomes: There is a continuous assessment of practice, organizational, and financial outcomes to determine effectiveness;
  • Comprehensive and collaborative services: The system has a comprehensive service array that is delivered in a collaborative manner;
  • Culturally competent services: Services and Supports are delivered in a manner that fits with the family’s culture, values, and beliefs and considers the whole child in a strength-based approach;
  • Family involvement: Authentic family involvement exists both at the service level and the systems level;
  • Funding/Sustainability: Agencies share certain funding streams and resources, and find creative ways to use resources and promote efficiency.